About the Author

My parents encouraged me to read from preschool, and I can’t imagine how many books I have read since then. Reading has always been something that would transport me into other worlds and fire my imagination. However, the practical demands of life, like for most people, have meant studying and then working most of my life, and although I always still found time to read, I never had the time to fulfill my ambition to write until I retired five years ago. 

Since then, I’ve created characters and stories that mean a great deal to me. A Native American female homicide detective - Sammy Greyfox, a veteran Brooklyn homicide detective - Eli Ross, and his twelve-year-old nephew - Ollie, who has an IQ in the top one percent of the world. Then there’s a reporter working for the press in Naples, FLA - Tommy Blue Johns….and others, too many to mention.

Most of my books are crime thrillers, with some notable exceptions. The Seminole Killer is a crime thriller with a supernatural twist. The megalomania series starts as a crime thriller and ends up as an international political drama - not something I intended to happen, but hey, writing is fun.

Then there are the self-help books and Three Week Program, which I have published to help people suffering from anxiety or depression. These come as a result of twenty years as a psychotherapist.

What I like most about writing is that when I start the first page, I've no idea where I’m going. I follow my imagination. I hope you enjoy coming along for the ride.